Schools Music

Musical Plays

Schools KS 2/3 Churches and Junior Theatre

The Present for the Prince
Written as an alternative to a nativity for a multicultural school but suitable for any time of year, The Present for the Prince explores the idea that riches and expensive material things do not necessarily bring happiness.

Songs with optional solos. Choice of dialogue and poems.
Running time approx 20mins.

Animal Ark
This little musical is the result of a "composer in residence" project. It tells the story of a group of animals stranded in a valley which is to be flooded in the building of a dam.                                                                                                                       5 solo songs. 1 solo with chorus, 5 choruses, with dialogue,
incidental music and narration.
Running time about 20mins.

The Deaf King
This widely use musical play is very flexible, and may be staged or performed as a concert piece. It touches on the question of deafness and offers an opportunity to discover and try out British Sign Language (BSL) which is the first language of around 50,000 people in the UK.

2 solo songs and 9 short choruses, with dialogue,and incidental music.
Running time approx 20mins.

A Strange Happening at Bethlehem (“Nativity”)
This tuneful and moving nativity adopts a down to earth approach to the familiar story.

9 choruses with narration (poems)
Running time approx 20mins.

THE ABOVE shows are published by PLAYS AND MUSICALS

Whittington (The True Story of Richard..)
Written as the result of a request for a work that can involve several junior school classes of various ages and ability and bring them together in a final production with the minimum of joint rehearsal time. Although it has some elements of the pantomime story, it traces the life of one of London's most famous citizens.

4 solo songs, 8 choruses, 3 duets, 2 solos with chorus, plus incidental music, dance music and dialogue.
Running time approx 45mins.

The Schoolroom Ghost                                                                          
Written for a junior school for its “Open Day”. This little musical play tells the sad story of a schoolgirl killed in a bombing raid during the Second World War. It provides an insight into those times and also has fun with some rather naughty ghosts and poltegeusts who turn up in an old schoolroom.

7 songs,a Ghosts Dance and dialogue. Running time approx 20 minutes

Richard Whittington and The Schoolroom Ghost are published on SibeliusMusic

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